Apartments in Abington School District

One of the main factors any family or prospective parent considers when relocating is the quality of the local schools. Apartments in Abington School District, such as Elkins Park, Rosedale Court, Meadowbrook, and Overlook Apartments, put residents a stone’s throw from some of the highest-rated schools in the region, which are often cited as one of the top reasons to live in Abington.

Abington School District includes seven elementary schools, as well as a junior and senior high, with a total of about 7,500 students. Six of the nine schools, including the senior high school, have achieved the prestigious Blue Ribbon School designation, at both the state and national levels. That title is given to schools whose students consistently achieve academic excellence and recognizes the collaborative work of students, teachers, administrators and parents in preparing kids for success.

Each school in Abington School District offers a robust lineup of extra-curricular activities, from sports to debate teams and everything in between, which have garnered top national awards. The district embraces innovation and state-of-the-art technology in learning and was recently gifted a $25-million donation from an alum that it plans to use to renovate the high school and build a science and technology center. The donation itself, the largest ever in the district’s history, is evidence of the impact quality education can have on future success.

Lindy apartments in Abington School District offer environments conducive to early learning. Modern and spacious living areas allow ample room for students to study and complete homework. Abington School District schools all offer beautiful, lush campuses and Lindy apartments also capitalize on the natural beauty of the area, providing a perfect backdrop to give kids peace and quiet to concentrate. Balance is always key to education, and kids who live in Lindy apartments in Abington School District have lots of motivators to get their studying done: The properties are all close to local shopping and entertainment so, once the kids hit the books, families can get out and enjoy all that Abington Township has to offer.

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