About Lindy

Proudly Creating Apartment Homes Since 1939

For three generations we have built a reputation for excellence on a foundation of integrity and quality service.

Lindy Communities - Established 1939

From the beginning, the Lindy Family has believed firmly that where you sleep, eat, and live matters.  When Returning home, your Community’s landscaping, lobby, amenities, hallways, and your apartment should be your source of pride, a spark of excitement. This is Your Home. The importance of home, strength of family, and support within the community can not be overstated. 

 In 1939, Jacob and Freeda Lindy built Sedgwick Gardens, a beautiful luxury garden apartment home. living across the street in a duplex.  Years later, many of their children and grandchildren called Sedgwick Gardens “Home.”  In the ’50s, 60’s and 70’s, sons, Alan, Philip and Robert built over 2000 houses and apartments throughout Philadelphia.  And from those early years, the Lindy Family promoted a healthier city through education, the arts, and a vast array of non-profits, many benefiting disadvantaged children. 

Today, celebrating over 80 years, Phil and Annabel’s children, Alan, Elaine, and Frank, and several grandchildren preserve a Legacy of extraordinary vibrant communities, promoting sustainability and community civil engagement.

Find your Home Sweet Home in the Lindy Landscape.

Come Home to Lindy.

The Lindy family mission is to deliver exceptional housing value. For more than 80 years, we have remained dedicated to providing comfort and convenience to those who “come home” to their Lindy Community.

Lindy Communities — now and always — is dedicated to excellence!

Quite simply, you should enjoy a wonderful experience that exceeds your expectations. Your community’s lobby, hallway, landscaping, and apartment home should be a step above all the others. You should expect excellent service and the respect you deserve as valued residents. Whether you seek prompt and professional service, special amenities, flexibility, or the ease of online rental payments, we are committed to your satisfaction!

Our Mission is Your Experience!