Apartment Rentals Near The Navy Yard

The Navy Yard is one of the largest and fastest-growing corporate campuses in the Philly area, with new businesses opening each year. As the complex expands, more workers are looking for apartment rentals near the Navy Yard, so they can enjoy shorter commutes to work and have more time for after-office fun. Enclaves and Gateway Towers make both possible, with conveniently located apartments that will have workers eager to run home from the Navy Yard to enjoy all of their amenities.

The Navy Yard is home to about 10,000 employees, a number that has been steadily increasing as more businesses note the many benefits of setting up shop in the massive South Philadelphia campus. About 120 companies operate out of the Navy Yard, ranging from retailer Urban Outfitters to Philly favorite Tastykakes to global pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.

While it’s at the vanguard of the city’s future economic development, the Navy Yard is also deeply rooted in Philadelphia’s history. It dates to 1776 when the city’s first shipyard was built, then later became an official site for the U.S. Navy and a bustling area for ship-making facilities. At the height of World War II, 40,000 Philadelphians worked at the Navy Yard to support war efforts. The shipyard closed in the mid-1990s but the City of Philadelphia later purchased the land and redeveloped it into the flourishing corporate campus it is today.

Living right near all of that history and innovation is an exciting prospect that can be fulfilled at Enclaves and Gateway Towers apartment rentals near the Navy Yard. Employees want a quick and painless commute into the office and both properties are just two miles from the Navy Yard. Workers can drive, hop aboard the Navy Yard Loop Shuttle or even walk on a nice day. After a long day at the office, Gateway Towers residents can enjoy tennis courts, a fitness center and social club, while Enclaves residents may choose to take a relaxing dip in the pool.

Work and play should be balanced, and Enclaves and Gateway Towers make that a reality. If you’d like more information about our apartment rentals near the Navy Yard, contact us today!