Apartment Rentals near Philadelphia Mills

woman holding shopping bags over her shoulder

Philadelphia has a lot of history, but it also has a lot of modern conveniences. While shopping online certainly has its perks, many shopping malls are still going strong. If you’re looking for apartment rentals near Philadelphia Mills, 7400 Roosevelt is a 10- to 12-minute drive on I-95—close enough to be convenient, yet far enough to not feel like a next-door neighbor.

Whether you’re looking to quickly find that last-minute item or you like to leisurely browse the racks on weekends, with more than 1.7 million square feet of retail space and 200 stores to choose from, you’re sure to have your pick of products. The owner touts that it’s the largest outlet retail shopping center in the area, and we’re certainly not ones to argue. The mall itself is known for being packed with factory outlet stores, which puts value on the same playing field as quality, and brings name brands within reach. An urban lifestyle is often an active one, and living near a major shopping center makes it easy to enjoy a night out that’s as luxurious or relaxed as you wish, and without having to drive more than a few minutes. Convenience is one thing most of us can agree on as being important to our busy day-to-day lives. Few things scream “convenience” like our apartment rentals near Philadelphia Mills.

The enclosed, climate-controlled shopping mall was renovated in 2016, so you may be more familiar with its former name, Franklin Mills. Interestingly, in 1989 the mall’s design was intended to commemorate Benjamin Franklin’s kite-and-key experiment. The former mall logo included a red kite with a lightning bolt and a string ending on the “A” of FRANKLIN. Even still, the Philadelphia Mills mall as it stands today is shaped like a thunderbolt. Each section of the mall is color-coded to help ease navigation. 

From footwear to jewelry to trinkets, the whole family can find what they’re looking for and more. Grab dinner and a drink in one of the two food courts or several themed restaurants then catch a movie. There truly is something for everybody, so whether it’s to satisfy your actual needs, or you’re simply looking for something to do with your out-of-town guests, Philadelphia Mills won’t disappoint. Sometimes it’s nice to take advantage of all the beautiful recreational or historical landmarks Philly has to offer, but sometimes outside just simply isn’t an option. Sometimes, what the doctor has prescribed is a little retail therapy.

If you’re looking to find apartment rentals near Philadelphia Mills, 7400 Roosevelt is the place to be. Call today to schedule a tour!