Apartments Commutable to Chestnut Hill

Downtown Chestnut Hill restaurant with outdoor tables and chairs

Chestnut Hill, also known as Philadelphia’s Garden District, is a completely charming part of the city to both visit and work. Delicious restaurants, year-round events, boutique shopping, health and wellness activities, and much more are ready and waiting to be explored by residents and visitors to this lovely section of Philadelphia. 

Approximately 13 miles away from Chestnut Hill are several of our lovely apartment communities. Bromley House, Eola Park, and Regency House all fall under the category of apartments commutable to Chestnut Hill. This is terrific news if you foresee yourself making the trip to the Hill on a regular basis for work, school, or recreational exploration.

If employment in the restaurant industry is one of your desires, then Chestnut Hill is definitely a spot to explore. From quick bites to fine dining and everything in between, Chestnut Hill has something for every tastebud and palate. Be it front of the house or back of the house, your next job could be waiting for you in the Chestnut Hill Restaurant scene. You will definitely want a home that’s commutable to Chestnut Hill so you can get to work promptly and in a reasonable amount of time. Our communities at Bromley House, Eola Park, and Regency House offer just that. 

Did you know that both Chestnut Hill College and Morris Arboretum are located in Chestnut Hill? If you are a student at the college or a lover of the outdoors and stunning flora at the arboretum, you can be there in a matter of moments when you make one of our communities your home. Whether you choose Bromley House, Eola Park, or Regency House you will find similar commute times to these two destinations, as well as all the other places to visit in Chestnut Hill.

Both beautiful and bustling, Chestnut Hill is not to be missed as a tourist spot or an employment hub. Even if it isn’t what you would typically think of when the name Philadelphia comes to mind, Chestnut Hill is indeed part of the city and offers a different pace and perspective. Contact us today to take a tour of one of our many apartments commutable to Chestnut Hill. Whether it’s Bromley House, Eola Park, or Regency House, we are certain we have the right spot for you!