Apartments for Rent near Cheltenham Township Schools

Once described by the U.S. Department of Education as a “shining example of what’s right with education,” Cheltenham Township Schools host approximately 4,700 students through its K-12th grade schools. A diverse and vibrant community surrounds the schools and is one of the major draws for those seeking apartments for rent near Cheltenham Township Schools. 

The township itself includes Glenside, Laverock, Edge Hill, Wyncote, Cedarbrook, Chelten Hills, La Mott, Elkins Park, Melrose Park, and Cheltenham Village. Several of our properties fall directly under the Cheltenham Township School umbrella, such as Elkins Park Terrace. Also, we have other apartments for rent near Cheltenham Township Schools, including Rosedale Court and Overlook communities in Abington, and Meadowbrook Apartments in Huntington Valley.

As is reflected in the township itself, Cheltenham Township Schools are quite diverse. The district is fully inclusive and offers a wide range of Special Education services to the student population. As stated in their mission statement, the school district “strives to nurture each child through a wealth of academic endeavors and community partnerships that provide the skills and vision needed to lead a productive and meaningful life beyond our classroom walls.” 

Pursuing excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and the best in each and every student is at the core of Cheltenham Township Schools. In fact, the high school offers the highest number of Advanced Placement classes in Montgomery County, PA. This is a definitive sign that students are reaching for the best in themselves and their education. 

A community’s schools are an important reflection of the community itself. Where the schools are thriving, full of opportunities, and welcoming, you can be pretty sure the neighborhoods and neighbors of the school are as well. Such is the case with our apartments for rent near Cheltenham Township Schools. Contact us today so we can show you around the many properties we have available. Your new home is ready and waiting for you to get settled in and engaged with your new community.