Apartments for Rent near Jeanes Campus – Temple University Hospital

A beautiful property comes with many perks. When one of those perks is living less than five miles from an award-winning medical facility, then you have really struck gold. Our apartments for rent near Jeanes Campus – Temple University Hospital are just that combination—outstanding living with the assurance found in being neighbors to an outstanding hospital.

All of us at one time or another will find ourselves in need of medical care, whether routine or emergency in nature. That’s why when you make Bromley HouseEola Park, or Regency House your home you will rest easy knowing that if and when the time comes for you to seek medical care it is a matter of minutes from your door. There is something to be said for never having to worry about where you would go in case of an emergency.

Jeanes Campus – Temple University Hospital has been recognized as one of America’s best 100 hospitals in the country for cardiac care and for gastrointestinal care. It is in the best 50 of the country’s hospitals for cardiac surgery. These accolades point to the top-notch quality of care you can expect from Jeanes. Any hospital contributes to the vitality of a community, especially one with such a glowing reputation. Our apartments for rent near Jeanes Hospital benefit tremendously by being less than five miles from the hospital’s front doors. 

Hospitals provide more than just healthcare. They are wonderful hubs for employment, volunteering, community education, and events. A cornerstone of any community, a thriving hospital helps meet basic needs of the people it serves as well as enhances neighborhoods it serves. Our apartment communities, including Bromley House, Eola Park, and Regency House, all reap the rewards of being neighbors to Jeanes. From health fairs to volunteer hours, the hospital is more than just a place for healthcare.

Your next apartment home is waiting for you and it is one of our apartments for rent near Jeanes Campus – Temple University Hospital. Call us today and we will be happy to show you around our three apartment communities all within minutes of the hospital. Before you know it you will be settling into your spacious and beautiful new home at Bromley House, Eola Park, or Regency House.