Apartments for Rent near Norristown Area School District

Two things parents know are non-negotiables when house hunting: a safe home and great schools. We are happy to oblige you on both points when you decide on either 450 Green or Westgate Arms apartments for rent near Norristown Area School District. Our apartment communities are beautifully appointed and comfortably compatible for families, and the location to the surrounding schools is unmatched.

Norristown Area School District is one of the most diverse districts within the greater suburbs of Philadelphia. We find this to be one of the greatest strengths of the school district and it reflects our apartment communities as well. Our apartments for rent near Norristown Area School District bring together students in our communities. Your son’s or daughter’s next best friend could be just around the corner from your front door at 450 Green or Westgate Arms.

Eleven schools make up the district, including the Eisenhower Science and Technology Academy. Whether your kiddos are elementary, middle, or high school age, there is a school ready to engage them both academically and socially. Both 450 Green and Westgate Arms communities have close access to the schools in the district, which means no long commutes on buses. 

The balance of school life and social life is an important one to strike. After homework, and especially when school is out for summer, the younger residents of our communities love spending time in the pool at either 450 Green or Westgate Arms. Both communities offer kid-friendly on-site amenities like the pool, parks, pet-friendly apartments, and walking trails nearby. Our apartments for rent near Norristown Area School District will keep your crew active and engaged during off-school hours.

With so much to offer your children as far as their education, school athletics, and social groups, making the choice to call one of our apartments home is easy. Our apartment communities will welcome your family in with open arms. Come by and visit both 450 Green and Westgate Arms to see which home is the right one for your family. We know you don’t want to budge an inch when it comes to the quality of your family’s home or your children’s schools, and you won’t have to.