Apartments in North Penn School District

We all want the best education possible for our children. Our Crossings at Stanbridge apartments in North Penn School District make givingyour children the best schooling achievable. When you choose the Crossings at Stanbridge as your home, you are also choosing one of the best-rated schools districts in the state of Pennsylvania for your children.

The North Penn School District ranks not only statewide, but nationwide, in a number of outstanding areas. Be it athletics, academics, safety, or diversity, North Penn Schools shine above the majority of other districts. It is no wonder that parents are practically knocking down our doors for a place to live where their children might benefit from all the district has to offer.

When you make your home at Crossings at Stanbridge you are opening the door to an educational oasis for your children. The North Penn School district is the second best school for athletics in the state of Pennsylvania. Your student athlete will soar among this grade-A coaching and competition. Additionally, the North Penn School District is ranked 12th in the best school districts in the Philadelphia Area. You will be hard pressed to find a reason to not move into the North Penn School District. 

The teachers are the first indicator to look to in determining the quality of a school. North Penn School district ranks at 29 out of 500 for the best place to teach in Pennsylvania! If the teachers are happy to teach where your students learn, then your children will be guaranteed an unparalleled educational journey. We are thrilled that our apartments in North Penn School District make these amazing schools accessible to so many young people and their families. 

Located in Lansdale, our apartments in North Penn School District are ready and waiting for you to welcome your family home. Call us today so we can show you around as soon as possible. It is never too soon to get your children on their way to a great education.