Apartments near the Lansdale Public Library

picking a book in the Lansdale public libraryCommunity is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a place to live. We all want to feel safe and valued and part of something great. Crossings at Stanbridge is in the heart of a great community with myriad resources. Crossings at Stanbridge was the 2017 recipient of the Pennsylvania Apartment Association’s Gold Award in Best in Living for Community Presentation and Leasing. One often-overlooked cultural center in any community is the public library. Here in Lansdale, we highly value this particular community service. If you believe that libraries are about more than just information, consider looking at our apartments near the Lansdale Public Library.

The Lansdale Public Library’s mission is to celebrate cultural diversity, foster a love of learning, and encourage early literacy. But the library is about much more than that. The library is a meeting place for people of all kinds, where they can learn and discuss art, literature, music, activism, and so much more. It’s a meeting place for clubs and organizations comprised of all different age groups. It’s a place where people can meet face-to-face, regardless of economic status. The Lansdale Public Library continues to grow and offers wi-fi and 62,761 materials, including books, audiobooks, videos, CDs, and DVDs. In addition, there are 166 magazine subscription, 6 newspapers, and 23 different databases. Pick from one of the 15 computers available for use. Three additional computers are even available just for kids.

Crossings at Stanbridge isn’t just one of the communities with apartments near Lansdale Public Library—it’s practically next door. The library is a mere 0.3 miles away, and the Lansdale Historical Society is even closer at just 0.2 miles away. The historical society has a similar vision as the library, in that the organization is committed to preserving and celebrating community. It features an incredible collection of records and artifacts of the North Penn area. There are multiple buildings all owned by the Borough of Lansdale, including the Jenkins Homestead, Richards Shearer Research Center, and the Borough Museum Annex. Public tours are available, and there is a visitation program that attempts to engage students in true stories about people who grew up in the early 20th century. The 45- to 90-minute sessions include then and now photographs of familiar places as well as maps so they can find the places with their families.

Crossings at Stanbridge is conveniently located so as to make it easy for residents to become regular patrons of these important neighborhood landmarks. Year-round opportunities for community involvement and access to reading materials for all ages are just two of the incredible reasons to consider apartments near Lansdale Public Library.

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