Cat-Friendly Apartments in Philadelphia

From ample climbing space to comfortable surroundings for afternoon naps, cat owners have a few key requirements for their living spaces. Genuine cat-friendly apartments need to not just roll out the welcome mat for four-legged friends, but also provide spaces that allow cats room to do what they do best: explore, discover, and play, all safely. Those are priorities at The Yorkhouse, offering cat-friendly apartments in Philadelphia.

When dog owners are on the hunt for a new home, they often consider proximity to local dog parks, availability of open running space and social outlets for their pups. Cat owners, however, have some more unique needs. Unlike dogs, most cats spend the majority of their time indoors, and don’t require the ample outdoor exercise that canines usually do. However, just any indoor space wouldn’t be conducive to cats, as most owners can likely attest to!

By nature, cats are explorers, which means cat-friendly apartments in Philadelphia should be open and expansive, giving them plenty of room in which to exercise their curiosity. From scratch posts to full cat gyms, feline companions benefit from having a maze of activities to keep them active and their attention span engaged—cat owners who’ve suffered household mishaps likely learned this lesson the hard way!

At the cat-friendly apartments of The Yorkhouse, residents and their cats can both enjoy the benefits of large living spaces. At The Yorkhouse, oversized picture windows are a find for both humans and felines, offering beautiful views of the well-landscaped community. Depending on their needs, residents can choose from studio, one-bedroom or one-bedroom deluxe apartments, all of which feature ample room for residents to stretch out and for their pets to find new and exciting things around each corner.

Cat-friendly apartments in Philadelphia should be designed with the resident and pet in mind, offering both an exciting and engaging place to live.

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