Dedication of new Fiesta Schoolyard at John Hancock Elementary.

Dedication of new Fiesta Schoolyard at John Hancock Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia! Sponsored by the Lindy Foundation!

Pictured from left to right: Mary Kraus, Elaine Lindy, Dr. Carletta Skipworth, Melissa Bragg, Chris Oswald, and Christina Pisa.
Asst. Principal Oswald holds the ribbon while Principal Bragg and Elaine Lindy cut the ribbon at John Hancock School's dedication event.

On November 9, 2022, John Hancock School hosted a dedication event for their new Fiesta Schoolyard. Students, parents, and staff members gathered to listen to music, eat pretzels, and celebrate the new play amenities. 

Students perform a skit (left) and students read thank you letters (right). Click the images above to view the videos.

Elaine Lindy, president and founder of Fiesta Schoolyards, presented Principal Bragg with a plaque and playing balls. Both gave wonderful speeches and cut the ribbon together. Finally, a few students performed a skit while others read heartfelt letters of thanks. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful community celebration!

Six Recently Completed Fiesta Schoolyards

Pictured above: Francis Hopkinson School (top left), Edward Steel School (top right), Overbrook School (bottom left), and Avery Harrington School (bottom right).

Francis Hopkinson School, Edward Steel School, Overbrook School, and Avery Harrington School were each completed this past month. Each school received a unique combination of play elements according to their own selections, ranging from murals and basketball courts to tic-tac-toe stations and benches!

Also completed are John Kelly School and Kenderton School. Students at both schools have been greatly enjoying their new Four Squares, funnel balls, running tracks, musical instruments, and more!

Thomas Morton School is still in progress, with just a few installable and painted elements remaining. We certainly plan to take advantage of any unusually warm days in December to finish delivering play amenities!