Eco-Friendly Apartments

Live Green, Live Lindy

The Lindy Communities Team is committed to sustainable living and is a leader in developing and implementing green initiatives at our eco-friendly apartments in the Greater Philadelphia market. We believe, as property owners and managers, we are responsible for creating a sustainable environment for thousands of our residents and their families. Lindy Communities strives to maximize every opportunity to preserve a better place to live for our future generations. We are dedicated to providing leadership, guidance, and service to reduce environmental impacts, support sustainable business practices and improve our communities’ carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Lindy Property Management believes that we have installed more solar panels on our buildings than any other manager of residential property in the region. We currently produce domestic hot water so that our residents can shower, wash dishes, do laundry with little or no environmental impact at the following communities: Fountain Gardens, Gateway Towers, Longwood Manor, Sedgwick Gardens, and Academia Suites.

Both in concert with our solar equipment and apart from it where installation has not been feasible, Lindy Property Management has systematically replaced older, inefficient boiler systems with state of the art high efficiency models throughout our portfolio.

As a result of these efforts to cut consumption of fossil fuels, portfolio-wide our annual energy use has steadily decreased. From 2008 to 2011 our seasonal gas consumption has gone down by over 10,000,000 BTUs per season- 14% or the equivalent of taking one of our larger buildings off of the grid. These exciting results mean that we can keep our expenses lower, pass those savings on to our residents and help protect the local environment all at the same time.

“Nine commercial size solar hot water systems were installed on Lindy properties and were estimated to save about 33,000 ccfs of natural gas per year. This is equivalent to zeroing out natural gas emissions from about 41 Pennsylvania households. Hat’s off to Lindy Properties for their attention to smart energy saving strategies and to environmental preservation.”

Alan Rushforth, Rushforth Solar

Upon completing the nine separate solar panel systems, Lindy Communities was honored with the 2010 Green Power Award by the Citizens for Pennsylvania Future (Penn Future).

Electricity Generated by Wind Power

Every Philadelphia and suburban Lindy Community supplies Electricity Generated, 100%, by renewable Wind Power. This includes every Common area, Amenities, office, and exterior lighting. More impressive, in addition to the common areas renewable wind power generates 100% of all the electricity for every apartment at the Towers at Wyncote, Meadowbrook, Park at Westminster, Haverford, Longwood Manor, Bromley House, Mt. Air Place, Sedgwick Gardens, Academia Suite, Regency House, York House, and York North. 

In total, Lindy Communities in the Philadelphia area and NY office campus generate by renewable wind power 74 Million kilowatts of electricity.  The chart below illustrates what 74 Million kilowatts translates into.



Energy Efficient Equipment


Every Lindy Community with Central Heat and/or Central Water is Supplied by the State-of-the-Art Lochinvar Boilers.  Modern windows, advanced boilers, new central air and heating equipment, proper insulation, LED lighting, water conservation, trash recycling, collectively offer Residents a living green, carbon footprint sensitive lifestyle.

 Every Lindy Community experienced savings of Natural Gas, Electricity and Water consumption.  Some at Eye-popping levels.  Apartment natural gas bills, including for winter heating, average under $25 a month!  City officials pushing Greening have responded that $25 monthly is not possible.  BUT IT IS TRUE.


Energy Management

Energy Management

Lindy Property Management carefully controls the use of natural resources we consume to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of each eco-friendly apartment.

Highlights Include:
To conserve energy, Lindy Property Management replaced existing light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs throughout our portfolio. We have also upgraded our exterior lighting systems to be more efficient and environmentally responsible.
We purchase only energy star certified appliances as we upgrade our kitchens and in- apartment laundry equipment, and supply our residents with high-efficiency air conditioners.

At Joshua House Apartments in Northeast Philadelphia, we replaced over 200 standard apartment package heating and cooling systems with new best in class equipment. In doing so we improved heating efficiency from approximately 70% to over 95%, upgraded old air conditioners to newer models employing the more environmentally safe R-410 refrigerant, and almost trebled the efficiency of our residents’ air conditioning. The energy cost savings, which are enjoyed entirely by our residents are estimated at more than $300 annually. The kWh we have removed from the grid and from the environment are estimated at over 315,000 per year- enough to completely power five two-bedroom apartments for a whole year.
Lindy Property Management has also steadily and consistently replaced and upgraded the windows in our apartments, to further improve heating and cooling efficiency and enhance the comfort of our residents.

Green Building

Green Building

Lindy Property Management reduces the construction and renovation impacts on land consumption and ecosystems.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling Waste

Lindy Property Management recycles to minimize waste through improved planning and awareness with our residents encouraged to participate in a robust recycling effort.

Highlights include:
To increase recycling and minimize the need for virgin resources, Lindy Property Management has initiated at every one of our communities at recycling program for handling cardboard, metals, plastics, glass and paper.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Lindy Property Management supports sustainable procurement practices by considering the materials, logistics, and performance of all purchases.

Highlights include:
To reduce emissions pollution from transporting goods, Lindy Property Management limits the number of vendors from which our communities source materials, with an emphasis on local suppliers. This results in fewer trips to and from distribution centers and fewer emissions produced to bring the products to our communities.

To decrease the amount of disposable products, Lindy Property Management avoids the use of foam cups and other foam products in providing food and beverage services to our residents and guests.

Outreach and Education

Outreach and Education

Lindy Property Management increases the understanding of sustainability by educating and communicating with employees and the local community.

Highlights Include:
To educate the entire employee population at Lindy PropertyCommunities Management about the benefits of sustainable practices, we have continued to communicate these values and directives to our team members and provided catalogs of sustainable products from approved vendors.

To further promote resource conservation and efficient living at home, Lindy Property Management continues to partner with local utilities, suppliers of high-efficiency commercial products and installers to remain on the cutting edge sustainability technology and practices.

Thank you for supporting our dedication to sustainability and helping us make a difference. Please feel free to contact one of our fine communities or our Corporate Office for more information about these and other efforts, and to find out how you can help us to help the environment.