Outdoor Activities near Norristown, PA apartments

There are so many great outdoor activities near Norristown, PA, apartments! Lindy Communities offers two great apartment communities that are super close to some of the best outdoor attractions. The 450 Green Apartments and Westgate Arms Apartments are both near the Norristown Farm Park, Fort Washington State Park, and McKaig Nature Education Center. With these great outside adventures nearby, you’ll want to check out our conveniently close apartment communities!

Norristown Farm Park has a long history of farming, manufacturing, and institutional associations with its variety of buildings and open fields. The surrounding woods and agricultural fields are a gorgeous sight as you walk around the grounds. The park offers many options for outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, biking, picnicking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. At just about a 10-minute drive away from your new apartment, you can fish in a stocked trout stream, walk your dog on some trails, or view wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s a lovely sight to see!

Another wonderful location for outdoor activities near Norristown, PA, apartments is the Fort Washington State Park. Beautiful flowering dogwood trees in the spring and endless recreational activities will engage all variety of outdoor enthusiasts. The 493-acre park is popular with hikers and picnickers. Fort Washington is also quite alluring for birders, as they can utilize an observation deck to view the seasonal migration of raptors.

If the beauty of nature is what draws you outdoors, then the McKaig Nature Education Center is the place for you to connect your passions with programs to strengthen your appreciation of nature. McKaig organizes outdoor treasure hunts, birding adventures, and night festivals under the stars. For those inclined to inspire a love of the outdoors in others, the McKaig Nature Education Center has many volunteer opportunities to work with school visits or contribute to community events. At just 15 minutes away from 450 Green and Westgate Arms apartments, you can take a quick drive to yet another gorgeous park to enjoy a change of scenery in your hiking trails.

Our 450 Green Apartments and Westgate Arms Apartments are just a short drive away from three unique historical and recreational parks. With so many amazing options for outdoor activities near Norristown, PA apartments, these two Lindy communities are the perfect place to call home. Call to schedule a tour today!