Public Schools near Northeast Philadelphia Apartments

A school district is a deciding factor for many people when they’re choosing a place to live. The Philadelphia School District prides itself on its commitment to instilling a lifelong love of learning, as well as the value of diversity and sharing different ideas. The public schools near Northeast Philadelphia apartments offer opportunities at every age level. Longwood Manor is proud to be a community that’s close to Philadelphia public schools.

Just a little over two miles away from the Longwood Manor community is Lincoln High School. As the only all-academy high school in Philadelphia, Lincoln offers specialized focus aimed at challenging and inspiring a uniquely diverse population of students. The idea is to teach not just for tests, but also to help students grow and realize their potential in academia as well as in the workforce. Students can experience four different focus areas, including Academy of the Arts, Academy of Professional Services, Academy of the Sciences, and Freshman Academy. 

Northeast High School is a half mile closer to our apartment community and offers a more traditional educational environment without sacrificing the commitment to diversity, social responsibility, and empowerment. This school also offers a program called Focus on Success geared toward freshmen. This program is designed to help ease the sometimes-difficult transition into high school while simultaneously striving to increase the graduation rate. FOS is a success-oriented approach to learning that can help students feel good about what they’re learning as well as the inherent value of education.

Since we’re talking about public schools near Northeast Philadelphia apartments, it doesn’t get much closer than Louis H. Farrell Elementary School. This K-8 school is practically in Longwood Manor’s backyard, at only about a half a mile distance. Learning and thriving in a diverse classroom from a young age can help teach tolerance and open-mindedness, and that is precisely the standard that Farrell Elementary strives to uphold.

If you have school-age children, or even if you don’t, living near the public schools offers an easy way to become involved in your community. Come cheer on the Vikings each season, or grab a few tickets and support the students’ take on classic theater performances or musical arrangements. A family-oriented and convenient location help make Longwood Manor a great place to call home.

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