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The Lindy Lifestyle!

Lindy Communities is committed to providing you comfort and convenience, plus the most beautiful public and private spaces. Your personal satisfaction is paramount. We want your lobbies, hallways, landscaping, and apartment features to be (simply) the best in apartment home living.

Online Resident Concierge

Resident Concierge

In our efforts to make paying your rent as easy as possible, Lindy Communities is switching to online resident service providers.

The new online Resident Concierge account will offer the same benefits of our old system (like entering maintenance requests, paying your rent online from your bank account (for FREE), and paying your rent online via Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Debit Card).*

Additionally our new online Resident Concierge will offer residents more options:

  • Now Accepting American Express credit cards*
  • Pay Rent & Enter Service Requests through the Lindy Mobile App
  • Pay Rent by Text Message
  • Pay rent in cash (at participating retail locations only)

*Please Note: debit & credit card payments have a transaction fee (which is displayed before you process your payment).

Lindy Passport Program

Lindy Passport Program

The Lindy Passport program is designed to enhance your Lindy Lifestyle. Our mission for more than 80 years has been your continual pleasure with your home and hopefully your long-term residency and goodwill.

  • 100% Resident satisfaction guarantee upon move in. Within the first 30 days, if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you may break your lease, move out, and be financially responsible for only the time you resided in the apartment.
  • Custom accent walls painted at no cost to you! (accent colors can be chosen from a selection displayed in the rental office).
  • During the first year of your lease, you can transfer to any Lindy Community (for a nominal fee).*
  • After the first year of your lease, you can transfer to any Lindy Community without a penalty/transfer fee (with appropriate notice).*
  • Payments (starting at $100) for any referral that moves into a Lindy Community.

*To transfer, you need to  meet income requirements at the new community, your current resident account must have  a good rental payment history and you must give appropriate notice.  Please speak to your Community Manager for more details.

Lindy Gold Key

Lindy Gold Key

Residents who have lived at a Lindy Community for 10 years or longer become Gold Key members, and are qualified for the following privileges:

  • Discounted renewal rates (guaranteed to be less than the scheduled market rate.)
  • Discounts of at least 25% for community rooms and banqueting facilities.
  • Use the facilities and amenities of any other Lindy Community (for a modest fee). *Residents who have resided at a Lindy Community for 20+ years may use any Lindy facility FREE of charge.
  • You can transfer to any Lindy Community with only 30 days notice.
  • You can transfer into a larger or smaller apartment without penalty (requires 30 days notice).
  • A complimentary refurbishing of your kitchen or bathroom (after 20+ years residency)

Please call your Property Manager for specific details.