Apartments near Einstein Medical Center

When it comes to finding a place to live when you’re a student—especially when your area of study is in the über-demanding medical field—one of the last things you want to worry about is having a lengthy commute that’s just going to be an added burden to your already jam-packed schedule. You’re going to need as much time as possible to devote to your studies (and rest). This is why you should make a point to stop by and check out YoNo and Academia Suites, where you’ll find impeccable and conveniently located apartments near Einstein Medical Center. Set up shop here and you’ll be more than ready to focus on your education.

As the one of largest independent medical center in Philadelphia, Einstein may host a lot of residents—some 400 at a time—during any cycle, but they also pride themselves on keeping each individual’s best interests a top priority, ensuring they get both the attention and education they deserve.

And it’s not just a place for new, soon-to-be medical professionals; the school also welcomes practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals into its programs, particularly since research plays a big role in the facility’s mission. Their commitment to groundbreaking research began more than a century ago when they first began to investigate infantile paralysis. Today, there are hundreds of clinical trials currently underway, each in pursuit of medical breakthroughs or improvements.

While students do get plenty of hands-on experience through the programs here, they can also learn from the facility’s top-of-the-line simulation technology. Through this controlled experience, students can participate in “real-life” scenarios—such as an intensive care unit or delivery room—in a safe way, as they prepare themselves for the eventual real thing.

The list of innovations that go into education at Einstein Medical goes on and on, but the one thing that is certain, above all others, is that their means are reflected in their results. So before you get too deep into advancing your education, be sure to settle on a community of convenient apartments near Einstein Medical Center. You’ll be so much happier that you did. Contact us today to schedule a tour at YoNo or Academia Suites.